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Beer Rush

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The goal of the game is to serve beers to the customers as they slowly advance towards the barman. If any customers reach the end of the bar or a returning beer is not catched by the barman, the player loses a life. ...

Heli Defense

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In this shooter game you play as a helicopter and have to fight different enemies that attack you from both land and air. Different enemies shoot different kinds of bullets and missiles at you and you have to dodge th...

Monster Copter

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Tap the mouse to play.var __gamevidConfig={ width:640, height:480, vast:'', vidContainer:'game-window'};

Push Me Out

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A prize vending game machine where you have to move the push rod under the gift within limited time.var __gamevidConfig={ width:640, height:480, vast:'', vidContainer:'game-window'};


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Skywire is a game where you have to balance while walking and try not to fall down for as long as possible. var __gamevidConfig={ width:640, height:480, vast:'', vidContainer:'game-window'};

Quiz Game

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Quiz Game is a game with free general knowledge quiz questions and multiple choice answers.var __gamevidConfig={ width:640, height:480, vast:'', vidContainer:'game-window'};

Dangerous Circle

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Orbit around the circle and dodge the spikes! These spikes appear both inside or outside of the circle and you have to change where you orbit to dodge them. Every complete rotation around the circle is considered as o...

Mini Jumper

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A mini jumping platformer game. Player jumps from one platform to another collecting stars to complete each level. Control the player with touch or mouse click.var __gamevidConfig={ width:640, height:480, vast:'', vid...

Obstacle Runner

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Please note that this is meant as a template for further customization (changing enemy frequency, graphics, etc.) and requires at least a basic knowledge of Construct 2 to make the adjustments. My goal with any of my ...


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Tap on screen for control.var __gamevidConfig={ width:640, height:480, vast:'', vidContainer:'game-window'};

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